Going large – The Welsh Dresser

When we got married in 2014, we bought this lovely old Welsh Dresser, and I said I’d ‘do it up’.

Almost three years later, and I finally got around to doing it.

This was quite an intimidating task. After all, it is huge, heavy, has glass in the doors, and…well, I’m still learning. However, with a bit of inspiration from a visit to Chalk and Linnen in Coleshill, I got stuck in!

I’ve used Antibes Green, Pure, clear wax and black wax on this to transform it from beautiful but completely inappropriate for the colours in our kitchen, to bright and cheery!





I started by cleaning down the area to paint (for me, this was the front) and after doing that and letting it dry, my Husband helped me move the top half onto the kitchen table. I used a small roller to do the top and sides as I like the effect (plus it’s very quick!). Once I’d done a couple of coats of green, I decided to do a wash using Pure (white) on the doors, draws and frames of the glazed doors. Plus, I did the same inside. I felt that if it were all green, it would be too much. I wanted it to look bright and fresh.

Once all the paint was applied, I waxed the top of the base and let that dry before we replaced the top half. After that, it was easier to see what bits needed touching up, and to add the wax effects all over.